SW in the CLOUD


Codigm is a tech startup built upon a deep understanding of Cloud infrastructure with considerable experience in web application development.

It aims to provide a Cloud-based global service that reaches far beyond Korea.

The name, Codigm, is a combination of the words code and paradigm.

This combination represents our vision of creating a new paradigm of software (SW) development and learning for anyone, from anywhere, and at any time.

At the moment, Codigm develops and offers a Cloud coding service called Goorm.

The Goorm service, as stated above, aims to provide one with the flexibility for developing and learning SW at a moment’s notice.

Cloud coding service



Goorm lets you learn programming and also develop software anywhere and any time.

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Goorm IDE

Cloud-based integrated development environment

As office programs for creating/editing documents have been moving to the Cloud, the usage of the Cloud infrastructure has been increasing.

Goorm is a service providing an integrated development environment having all of the same features as the traditional desktop IDE.

Offers a solution to improve the productivity of developers and visibility into the actual progress of projects.

  • Allows direct access to a development environment through your web browser from anywhere and at any time
  • Supports a range of programming languages and a consistent development environment
  • Enables building, debugging and running online to improve concentration
  • Improves productivity through online editing and real-time collaboration
  • Ensures compatibility with existing development environments (for example, GIT and SVN)


  • Security and banking software development projects requiring a secure development environment (keeping source code in a central server)
  • Projects in which seamless collaboration between developers takes importance
  • Large-scale projects involving the use of cloud resources for building and running
  • Companies that wish to provide a smart working environment to developers

Goorm EDU

SW development learning environment

Are you thinking of replacing your old PC with a new high-performance PC for teaching SW development?

Are you struggling to manage a number of course-specific teaching environments?

We offer a solution that enhances the quality of the SW development learning experience and moreover ensures learning in a consistent programming environment, anywhere and anytime.

  • Facilitates the development of educational/teaching materials
    (i.e., allows the use of existing educational resources, supports PDF and and provides features for the development of new materials)
  • Provides a range of software learning environments (OO languages)
  • Features Instructor Mode for effective student management (student and record management)
  • programming test service, automatic grading
  • source code similarity test


  • Programming courses for elementary, middle and high schools and university
  • Online educational services and programming book
  • Assessment of skills and ability of job applicants/new developers
  • Development environment for short-term use, i.e., for programming skill tests and hackerthon



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